Tooling & Mold Making

 Efficiency, capacity, and precision allow us to produce low- and high-volume goods.

Ash Cloud has the tools to meet customer needs

At every step of the way, Ash Cloud has the tools to meet our customer needs.

An in-house tool shop supports our manufacturing, maintaining our machinery and equipment consistently strong, and delivering quality products. Our modular mold bases, paired with custom core and cavity inserts, help to reduce tooling costs and lead time.

Ash Cloud's tooling capability consists of electrical discharge machining (EDM) wire cutting, vertical milling, grinding, coarse machining, and fine computer numerical control (CNC).

Having a large capacity of Arburg Presses, Ash Cloud can reliably meet customer demand.

Customer needs vary significantly, especially across the diverse industries Ash Cloud supports. With 64 Arburg Presses, ranging from 60 - 350 tons, and robotic part removal, customers can rely on Ash Cloud to meet the exact requirements of each order.

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