About Ash Cloud

Ash Cloud is a digital factory located in Shenzhen, China that specializes in custom-curated manufacturing.

Company Values

Strong relationships with employees and customers are the backbone of Ash Cloud.
At Ash Cloud, we strive for continuous development across every department.
Our customer first model means looking for new ways to exceed expectations.
A driving value at Ash Cloud, we are always searching for better and faster ways to deliver for customers.

Ash Cloud was founded in 2004 with the mission to pioneer modern manufacturing

The facility features 200,000 square feet of modular manufacturing capacity with more than 460 employees. More than 50 customers worldwide trust Ash Cloud for their small-run, high-quality and rapid production.

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Building 48, Bao-Tian Industrial zone, Qian-Jin 2Rd XiXiang, Baoan Shenzhen, China 518102