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Ash Cloud, with nearly two decades of manufacturing excellence, has become a reliable partner for customers in the US, EMEA, and Asia. Our pioneering business structure, factory intelligence software, and dedicated project management professionals, complement a world-class production facility driving results.

Ash Cloud's organizational structure, blending people, machines, materials, and information together, produces the best possible outcome for each customer.
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Ash Cloud provides customers with a reliable one-stop-shop for their manufacturing needs.

A Digital Factory Helps The Real Factory Run Faster

"Ash Cloud in Shenzhen, China, is a technologically advanced factory that works a lot like you’d imagine a factory to work. It manufactures millions of products per year, with whirring machines, watchful employees, and precise checkpoints along a fast-running assembly line. You could also imagine how important it is to make sure the factory doesn’t slow down even a second. That’s why Ash Cloud depends on iPhone, iPad, and custom apps to modernize its enterprise resource planning system across the business, from sales to support, from procurement to production, from the factory to the corporate office."

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